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A Trusted Manufacturer of LPG and Propane Measuring Tools

Independently Owned and Operated in Northern California for Over 36 Years

Most of our parts are machined and hand-crafted here in our factory

  • Our staff is highly trained and well respected throughout the industry.

  • Jobs at Liqua-Tech are long-sought-after and kept.

  • Meters and parts are crafted and tested with precision, care, and pride every day here.


Experience the Liqua-Tech Difference!

For many years, Liqua-Tech Corporation has been an internationally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of top-quality LP-gas and NH3 flowmeters and replacement parts.


Liqua-Tech was formed in 1984 to fill a need for competitively-priced OEM-quality replacement parts for oscillating-piston meters and has grown steadily ever since. The innovative new company quickly made a name for itself, with personalized customer service, uncompromising quality, and superior workmanship. Growing steadily Liqua-Tech now currently produces complete ¾”, 1” and 2” meters, and ¾” through 2” replacement parts.


Liqua-Tech’s oscillating-piston meters are less costly to purchase and easier to maintain than other styles of meters. The design has been field-proven in thousands of installations internationally.


Liqua-Tech Corporation prides itself on precision manufacturing. Our quality is attributable to the precision standards maintained in our machining processes. 100% inspection on all metering components ensures that every product manufactured by Liqua-Tech Corporation conforms to exact tolerances. LPM-102 and LPM-200 meters and components comply with Underwriters Laboratories requirements and are U.L. listed.


Liqua-Tech flowmeters and replacement measuring chambers meet stringent calibration and verification requirements. Our flowmeters comply with factory testing requirements to ± 0.08% -0.4% level of accuracy. Liqua-Tech LPM-102 and LPM-200 LPG flowmeters have been evaluated under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) and were found to comply with the applicable technical requirements of Handbook 44 “Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices”.


From ordering to troubleshooting, customer service is a top priority. With our on-site technical support, special order items are usually available. We work closely with our customers to provide products to meet their specific marketing requirements and applications.

Pricing and Availability

Liqua-Tech offers our distributors and end-users very competitive pricing and shorter lead times. Parts traditionally ship within 24 hours of receipt of purchase orders. In emergencies, we can drop-ship directly to an end-user.


Liqua-Tech markets our products through an international network of stocking warehouse distributors. Authorized distributors maintain facilities and an adequate parts inventory to perform warranty service claims and repair requirements. Our continued success is based on long-standing relationships with these distributors, who rely on Liqua-Tech’s delivery of quality products on time and at a competitive price.


Product Innovation

Liqua-Tech is constantly striving to improve the reliability and accuracy of our parts and meters.
Our industry trend-setting product innovations include...

Measuring Chambers

One reason for the superb performance of Liqua-Tech meters is our superior measuring chamber with original hard-coated piston, with special dense metal oxide finish and a hardened steel bearing shaft. Liqua-Tech was the first to introduce these innovations. In addition, the Liqua-Tech measuring chamber is available with the patented Trac-Bearing® for sustained accuracy, reliability, and lower maintenance:

Differential Valve

Another innovation is Liqua-Tech’s soft-seat differential valve that incorporates an O-ring-to-metal seat for a positive seal. The standard metal-to-metal seating of competitive models is prone to leaking.

Ductile Iron
Meter Housings

Instead of following the competition’s trend toward aluminum housings for ease of machining, Liqua-Tech has continued to use durable, resilient ductile iron. Iron is a more stable metal and handles temperature fluctuations better than aluminum, which tends to warp at temperature extremes. This ensures “flatness” where the measuring chamber seats, in turn maintaining accuracy. An additional advantage of using ductile iron is the resistance to stripped threads, a common problem in routine maintenance on aluminum meters.


Liqua-Tech meters utilize an innovative single-piece thermowell, eliminates the possibility of leakage. Competitive meters use two-piece units.

ATC Components

While other meter manufacturers have gone to the plastic construction of ATC ratchet arms to reduce production costs, Liqua-Tech has continued to produce ours from more durable
metal components.


Liqua-Tech was the first OEM manufacturer to offer the Full-Circle Quick-Vent bleed valve as a factory-
installed option.

Gear Trains

Liqua-Tech’s higher quality gear trains utilize extensive use of bushings for increased longevity and
improved accuracy: